Bay Shore NY Dentist on Vanishing Stains

Stains…who needs ‘em? They disrupt and ruin everything from your favorite white cotton tee to your teeth, and your Bay Shore NY dentist is not a fan.


So what do you do about them? As a patient, you can always come into see your #1 Bay Shore NY dentist at Bay Dental Health for some of the top-of-the-line cosmetic dental treatments, such as teeth whitening and more. But let’s face it: stains are always going to be around and are not a “one and done” affair. Your teeth ARE much like the aforementioned tee, even though you got the spaghetti sauce off this time- what are you going to do, never eat spaghetti again? That would be insanity.


Instead, you be cautious. You watch what you eat and drink…you maintain a regular oral health regimen by brushing your teeth twice daily and making appointments with Dr. Antenucci. You do all you should, but unfortunately, this isn’t even always enough.


That is because our teeth change as we grow. Just like our bodies, teeth react differently to stimuli as they develop and age. That glass of red wine is going to react way differently to your teeth compared to twenty years ago, just like your 100th sunburn can be different than your first.


To help summarize some of the most notorious foods, drinks, and habits that change over time as it relates to the staining of the teeth, we found an interesting article you can review HERE.


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