See how Invisalign Treatment by Your Dentists in Bay Shore NY can Completely Restore Your Smile


There are many good reasons to want a great smile. One of the most notable reasons is because having healthy, attractive teeth sets you up to enjoy the utmost confidence in your daily life. Misalignment is a problem that stands in your way of this. We often consult with adult patients who have long felt the pangs of self-consciousness anytime they had to endure face-to-face contact. At the same time that they really wanted to change the appearance of their teeth, they also hesitated to commit to conventional metal braces. We can completely understand why, and our dentists in Bay Shore, NY offer an alternative.


Let's Get Straight about Invisalign

We love when we can give patients what they want, and Invisalign is one way in which we can. This modern-day method for straightening teeth has quickly risen in popularity, largely due to the barely-there design of clear, plastic aligner trays. More than just a discreet way to put teeth where they belong, Invisalign offers a number of pretty significant advantages to patients seeking straighter smiles:

  • Ease of use. When something can be done more easily, why not? The fact that Invisalign aligners can be taken out for meals makes this system very user-friendly. Typically, people wearing braces must be extremely careful with what they eat and how they chew. One wrong move and they could cut a lip or cheek, break a bracket or wire, or get food stuck in hard to reach places. The other issue with permanent bracket fixtures is that it is difficult to brush efficiently. Not so with Invisalign.
  • Comfort. Trays are molded to fit tightly around the arch of teeth. There are no fixtures protruding from the surface. There are no sharp edges or corners. The force applied to teeth throughout treatment is constant and gentle.
  • Convenience. Conventional braces move teeth through pressure exerted across the arch wire. This means that the wire needs to be adjusted every so often. With Invisalign, you just change your aligners every two weeks, and let us check your progress about every six weeks.


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