Bay Shore NY Dentist Tackles Your Sensitive Teeth


The phrase “You have a lot of nerve” has never had a truer meaning than when it comes to your mouth. Many essential nerve centers affecting our sensations take refuge inside our jaws, and can sometimes cause us pain. As much as half of the world’s population claim that they suffer some type of teeth sensitivity and that all comes down to the nerves in our mouths. It just so happens your Bay Shore NY dentist has seen a patient or two, like yourself, with sensitive teeth, and has some information on causes and prevention for your painful teeth problem.


Although there are many things to take into consideration with different aspects of your oral health, your diet is always a huge factor. And as it turns out, many of the triggers of our pain can actually be what caused the problem in the first place.


Extremely hot or cold beverages or food can cause an unpleasant reaction in any patient with sensitive teeth. Some of the most complained about culprits in this regard are drinks such as coffee and tea. Both are a “go-to” for many on a daily basis, but we have to fight through each painful sip just to get the boost we need. Well did you know the acids in both of these can over time wear away the enamel on your teeth? Even the cold sting we get from ice cream can be a result of sugar content adversely affecting our protective coating of the teeth. By cutting down on or brushing regularly after all potential “risky” food and beverage, we can potentially be saving ourselves from a great deal of oral pain.


Even when we are trying to be proactive in our dental care at home, we may be causing more harm than good if not doing it properly. If you brush or floss your teeth too frequently (more than 3x daily), too hard or without using the right “tool” for the job, it can adversely affect your teeth.


We see here that diet, improper at home care or even no care at all can lead to sensitive teeth issues. If you are suffering from sensitive teeth, or any sort of mouth pain, please make an appointment with your Bay Shore NY dentist by calling (631) 665-8484 today!