Bay Shore NY Dentist Discusses Sir John Tomes


Have you ever wondered about the history of dentistry? Who created the practice, when and how? Even though school is over for the kids doesn’t mean the learning has to stop! For a little history lesson, your Bay Shore NY dentist, Dr. Antenucci, is here to tell you about Sir John Tomes and why he is so important to dentistry.


For a little background, Tomes was born in 1815 in South West England. At the young age of 16, he became an apprentice to Thomas Smith, who was a medical practitioner in Worcestershire. Later, he enrolled as a pupil at King’s College and the Middlesex Hospitals to complete all of his medical training. Tomes was consistently advised to concentrate on dental surgery. All of his life, he was extremely fascinated with dentistry, which was never its own practice during this time.


In his early 20’s, he become a member of the College of Surgeons of England. During this time, he was also questioning general anesthesia and its benefits. Later, in his early 30’s, he administered anesthesia at the Middlesex Hospital for teeth extractions as well as its use in general surgery. Because of all of this, when he was 35, he was admitted a Fellow of the President, Council, and Fellows of the Royal Society of London for Improving Natural Knowledge, or more popularly known as the Royal Society.


Although Tomes had a lot of success during his career, that doesn’t mean he wasn’t faced with some difficulties, as well. In 1843, and again in 1855, he approached the Royal College of Surgeons of England about allying dentists with surgeons, and both times he was unsuccessful. But thankfully, in 1858 he was successful in inducing the Royal College to grant a license for dental surgery.



After continual success, like being able to be the first doctor to give systematic clinical demonstrations in his field and continuing his practice for many years, Tomes retired in a county in South West England. He was knighted in 1886, where he received the Sir before his name.


The history of dentistry is more important than people think and it’s not a part of history that’s necessarily talked about in school. When you think how far dentistry has come, you’ll be simultaneously amazed and thankful! So make your appointment today by clicking here or call this number (631) 665-8484 to visit Dr. Antenucci, your Bay Shore NY dentist!