Find a Dentist in Bay Shore NY That Can Save Your Smile

A battle with plaque can make any patient want to find a dentist in Bay Shore NY that can help restore their smile. Plaque, of course, is the sticky stuff that can show up on the teeth after not brushing for a few hours, and worse of all- it's where bacteria live. This bacteria can over time lead to cases of decay and gum disease forming, which down the line can even result in instances of tooth loss, structural damage and more if it is not taken care of.


So besides visiting your Bay Shore NY dentist twice a year to help take care of your teeth, what can you be doing at home to battle all of these oral detriments?


Well lucky for you, today we have provided a list of some of the steps in the “Plaque Prevention Plan” that you can review by clicking here.


For more information on plaque prevention, or if you are trying to find a dentist in Bay Shore NY that can handle all of your oral health needs- call our office today at (631) 665-8484.