11706 Family Dentist on The Right Time for your Regimen

Dentistry, like many other aspects of life, is very reliant upon timing. How many times do you see your 11706 family dentist a year? How often do you brush your teeth in a day? How frequently do you floss? The answers to all of these, and so many more, can impact your overall dental destiny.


Organizations like the ADA (American Dental Association) have tried making recommendations for the number of times certain activities should occur based upon both years of research and the expertise of oral health professionals. They rely on the idea that most people have some sort of internal clock, and thus some sort of idea of what it is to commit to an activity for a certain amount of time. Whether or not it is done…that is a different story.


One particular area the timing recommendations can get a bit less clear is when it comes to flossing. Sure, your 11706 family dentist suggests you floss at least once a day, but before or after flossing? That is the question. The answer, as it turns out, has a lot more to do with behavioral science than you may have thought. See what experts say in the following article and video: Dental Patient News.


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