Learn about Implant-Supported Dentures with Your Family Dentist in Bay Shore


No matter how old you are, you’re always vulnerable to tooth loss, whether it’s due to an infection, bacterial attacks, or accidental trauma. With the help of your family dentist in Bay Shore, we have the ability to restore your smile if you’re missing one or multiple teeth. Although they’re typically associated with older patients, patients of all ages have the ability to receive implant-supported dentures to bring their smile back to life.


Also known as overdenture, an implant-supported denture is supposed by and attached to implants. This is generally used when a patient doesn’t have any teeth in the jaw, but there’s enough surrounding bone in the area to support the implants. They have special attachments that latch onto the implants that were surgically placed in the areas where the root of your tooth previously resided.


These types of dentures are typically used for the lower jaw since it’s common for traditional dentures to be less stable in that place. Dentures are usually made to fit the upper jaw and can be stable on their out without the support of implants. This doesn’t mean you can’t receive implant-supported dentures on the upper jaw—you have the ability to get both!


Before receiving the dentures, you’ll be visiting your dentist to learn more about the treatment and how it will benefit you and your oral health. There will be a thoroughly examination of your medical and dental history, as well as x-rays and impressions being taken so the denture models can be made. A temporary denture will be provided for you until the appropriate time of surgery for the implants, as well as the finished product of your implant-supported denture.


This option of dentures compared to regular dentures provides a more stable smile. You’ll have an easier time eating, talking, and even smiling. You won’t even have to worry about your dentures falling out or becoming loose since they’ll be attached to the surgically placed implants.


Don’t be afraid to contact your family dentist in Bay Shore to learn more about this procedure and see if it’s the right one for you. Call our office today at (631) 665-8484 and schedule an appointment or consultation.