Dentists in Bay Shore NY on Mouth Guard Importance

As fall is right around the corner, your dentists in Bay Shore NY not only hope to see you and your children for one of your twice-yearly check-ups, but we also hope your little ones will be taking in the beautiful weather. Fall sports and activities are one of the best parts of this time of the year, but should always be practiced safely.


With that in mind, today your dentists in Bay Shore NY will be discussing the importance of mouth guards as a means of protecting your child’s oral health through the autumnal months and beyond.


Every team or organization that your child joins may have different rules pertaining to mouth guards and you should become accustomed to these rules before they begin. As we have seen in the past, injuries to the mouth can occur at times when any other person, object or surface is involved- so that includes most sports or activities one could participate in.


Not only can mouth guards help in preventing the teeth from getting fractured or falling out in the event a trauma to the head is induced, but they could potentially help in other injuries as well.


Certain studies have shown that due to the way the jaw, neck and mouth align- wearing a mouth guard COULD be beneficial in preventing concussion or structural damage as well. Now, these studies are not conclusive, but since you will be protecting the teeth regardless- it can’t hurt to mention it.


When purchasing a mouthguard for your child, what should you be looking for?


Make sure that the mouth guard is one that is easy for your child to breathe in, communicate in and that it stays in place. The mouth guard should also be easy to remove and clean frequently so that bacterial issues do not become a problem. Mouth guards that exclusively cover the top teeth are usually the most popular, but ones that cover both top and bottom are sold and found extra helpful in full contact sports like football.


For more information on how a mouth guard could help protect your little ones smile this fall sports season, call the office of your dentists in Bay Shore NY today at (631) 665-8484.